Sunday, 12 September 2010

Back to Uni!


It’s that time of year again that everyone’s either going back to school or university. I am one of the lucky few that are going back for their second year of university, as is Emma. Emma tweeted a couple of days ago saying “It's great to be back at uni - having the best time! Good luck to everyone else starting school this week, Em x”. Now pictures have come through of her at Heathrow airport leaving for the U.S. of A. Now normally I hate paparazzi photos but in these she just looks so damn happy! So I had to post something about it. Plus as usual, her outfit is just perfect student garb. I love every single piece. Also, I love how she’s not afraid to be seen recycling pieces of clothing such as the jeans, the bag and the shoes which were worn at Glastonbury (the LV bag), and at Bungalow 8 earlier in the summer (jeans and shoes). So here is the fashion break down. The rest of the pictures can be seen on Emma Watson 411.


E E2 E3 E4 E5


The cardigan she’s wearing is a Lyle and Scott Women’s Boyfriend Cardigan which you can buy here for £100. I love the look of this cardigan. It looks so cosy and well made!




Her shoes are Tod’s Women’s Dee Loafers also seen on her at Bungalow 8. Click here for that fashion break down.




And her bag is a Louis Vuitton  S/S 2010 Flat bag also worn on the third day of Glastonbury. Check out the pictures from that day here.



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