Thursday, 9 September 2010

Get Emma’s Style for Less


Ever saw Emma wear a designer piece down the red carpet’s of the world  that you could only own in your “dizziest daydreams?”….Did you like the Harry Potter quote? Bonus point if you can tell me who said it and in which HP film! Anyway, the point of this series of posts is to give you the chance to replicate Emma’s designer style for FAR less! Starting off with her Louboutin Miss Butterfly shoes.


Louboutin Miss Butterfly Sandals Model


I loved these shoes so much that I bought a pair for myself. No! Not the real ones! But these…


ne look


These are from New Look and are priced at an amazing £23!! Buy them here . They are available in black and a navy blue. For practicality, I would suggest going for the black, but if you want to be super true to Emma’s style, I would go with the navy. Happy shopping!!


  1. You could also attach some bows yourself to get the look closer. It would cost under £30 and look the same pretty much <3 x

  2. Rita Skeeter in GOF