Saturday, 18 September 2010

London Fashion Week September 2009: Burberry

I loved everything about this ensemble. For one thing, everything Emma wore was Burberry. You can never go wrong with one  Burberry piece let alone four. I loved that she had an up-do and no accessories with such a bedazzled dress. The makeup was grown-up yet not too old and not out-doing or competing with the dress. Paired with a nude clutch purse, black Burberry coat and black heels I think this look was perfection. Hopefully Emma’s schedule isn’t too hectic so she can make an appearance this year. Burberry are actually hosting a live stream of the show on Tuesday at 4pm (UK & Ireland time). Check it out here.  I’m also hoping to do a makeup tutorial to go along with this fashion break down so check out my Youtube Channel for that.

Christopher Bailey has actually taken up the reins on the official Burberry twitter account in the run up to the show, so if you don’t already go follow them do so, here. Now for the fashion break down. To check out more photo’s from the event visit my Emma Watson fan page on Facebook here. (Sorry for the link overload, there’s just a lot that goes with this particular look!)


burberry 2 220909 E21 E18



This coat made a short but brilliant appearance. It’s a Burberry Prorsum black Double Breasted Coat with Princess Sleeves.



The dress was paired with this Burberry Plaited Cord Waist Belt.


And the main piece itself is of course a Burberry Spring 2011 Mini Sequin Dress.


And last but certainly not least, she wore these Burberry Prorsum twisted Platform Sandals in black.

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