Friday, 6 August 2010

Emma's New Hair

The world media is absolutely buzzing with recent news of Emma's dramatic new hair style. Emma got her hair cut at a New York salon a couple of days ago. Details were revealed via her official Facebook and in a sneak peek at an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly. She states that the cut felt "liberating" and rightly so. Watson has had to wear the same style for 10 years whilst filming Harry Potter. It is a powerful symbol and reminder that Harry Potter has really come to an end.

Of course there have been thousands of responses and mixed feelings about the new do. I myself was in utter shock to see that her long, thick, shiny hair was completely gone, but the look has grown on me. Despite all the comments it's still the same Emma behind the new style and she is still as beautiful as ever.

So, what do you think of the new style? Is it a bit too dramatic for your taste? Was the completely wrong way to go? Or do you love it? Share your opinions in the comments below.


  1. Really shows just how gorgeous she is! Not many people could pull if off and she so does!

  2. I just can write a Comment with that.Well she looked better with more Hair,it's to short,she looks more like a Boy :(

  3. i'm definitely not sure at the moment,
    but time will tell!
    it will be interesting to see her red carpet looks from now on.

  4. I like her. It's bold and daring like Emma said. It looks beautiful on her, and not many girls can pull such a short look so Emma did a fantastic job :)

  5. I saw it and had a panic attack.