Thursday, 19 August 2010

Emma for Burberry S/S or A/W 2011

Burberry has to be my favourite label. Why? Well, a few reasons spring to mind. They are effortless. Burberry do not need to make a huge song and dance to be noticed. Some designers make their models up with blue eyebrows, slick their hair back which makes the most beautiful model resemble Gollum, put bright pink blush together with pillar-box red lips,  or design clothes that could never be wearable in a million years. But Burberry put their models in simple makeup and simple hair. Boring? No. Normally it would be but with Burberry it works. For it’s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection we see practical clothing which is already being replicated by the high street (New Look’s Shearling boots which I own as of last week, and their Aviator Jackets). We see bright pink or yellow/green  knee-length skirts mixed with strong military style coats. We see thick black tights and another reinvention of the classic trench (military style). It’s the same Burberry we know and love yet it’s new, fresh, cool, effortless, timeless and ageless. I say “ageless” because you could be 10 or 110 and you could still pull off a any Burberry piece. Bottom line is, Christopher Bailey is an utter genius when it comes to fashion. May he NEVER leave Burberry! To see more of the beautiful collection visit

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Although I love Burberry and always will for their effortless style and confidence, I believe not getting Emma back to do the A/W 2010 was a huge mistake! They even reported a massive sales increase with Emma as the face of Burberry! So I’m urging you, as fans of Emma and Burberry to campaign with me, if you will, to get Emma back in magazines and shop displays as the face of Burberry. Just look at these photos and tell me she doesn’t make a hell of an amazing Burberry model! To see more pictures of Emma with Burberry visit my Facebook fan page Emma Watson 411. For anyone who feels as strongly as I do about this, sign the petition. Thank you!

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  1. it's nothing against you or your Ideas,but I doubt that they will take someone,who was a Model for Burberry the last Time,so soon again.There are so many Models in the World and in UK too and maybe wants to be a Model for Burberry one Time.They should all get a Chance

    I can understand that you are sad,that she isn't a Part of Burberry anymore,if you are a big Fan of her,but you should understand Burberry too,that they want other Models too.Emma is not the only one of the World

  2. and btw,did Emma say she wants to do it again?If she didn't,then you should wait.Since she has so much Passion for Model/Fashion,she will do maybe other Model/Fashion Jobs.I'm sure she will do other Model Jobs
    But you can't decide for her,she won't do something,just because People wants it.

    it seems you are angry and sad etc,but try to calm down first.Just because Rose didn't seem right for you,doesn't mean it's for all People

  3. hey its me anam ilove emma's new photoshoot i live in dubai uae i luv burberry:d it rocks like hell and i luv emma watson i am a big fan of her :d

  4. emma is hot.burberry makes her hotter.

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