Monday, 28 June 2010

People Tree Makeup Tutorial


Products List
Avon Ideal Shade Light Makeup Ivory
Avon Ideal Shade Pressed Powder Fair
Avon Glimmerstick Eyebrow Pencil Dark Brown
Urban Decay Shadow Primer Potion
Maxfactor Earth Spirits Pale Pebble 101 (This should match your skin tone)
Rimmel London Single Shadow 030 Smokey Quartz
Barry M Dazzle Dust 53
Avon Perfect Wear Liquid Liner Black
Avon Supershock Mascara

Nail Polish
Rimmel Professional 400 Blue Vogue

Apply foundation to the "T" zone and chin if necessary. then apply powder to the jaw, chin and neck.

after applying a primer, using a fluffy blending brush apply a shadow to your entire eye. this shadow should match your skin tone. Next apply a warm light brown colour to the entire upper lid. make sure you cover the entire expanse of your upper eye lid including the inner corner and underneath the brow. Also, apply this colour to the outer half of your lower lid. next using a thin brush apply a dark brown colour to the outer corner of your top lid only. you don't need to make it that dark as there are more steps to come which can darken and define the outer corner.

next apply a liquid eyeliner to the outer portion of the upper lid (exactly where you applied the dark brown). just a thin line very close to the lash line. then, when it's semi-dry, go back over the dark brown to make it darker. the eyeliner will not only provide definition for your eyes but also make the chocolate brown even darker.

Next apply your mascara and you're done with the look!

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