Monday, 21 June 2010

MET Gala Hair Tutorial

This was an amazing night fashion wise and I have to say Emma's was my favourite look and I'm not just saying that because it's Emma & Burberry together once more. No. Everything from the colour, style and added details made it so effortlessly amazing. She just looked so comfortable in the dress. The makeup was also amazing. Low-key and low maintenance yet it had such impact. Kudos to her makeup artist! If you want to know who to create the look for yourself, I've already done a makeup tutorial. A link to it should be in the history of this blog.

Also if you love Fashion with a bit of snark, pop on over to another fashion blog I'm part of:

Anyway, without further ado, I give you the hair tutorial written up by the lovely @Ms_Maroon. Go follow her. She's just lovely, and I promise you she won't bite.

Emma's hair is naturally gorgeous. It's got natural highlights in it and seems very manageable. She really could do any hairstyle with it, given that she has the right length for what she wants to do.

Most of the time she has a straight type of styled coif to it, and that's why I particularly liked the voluminous curls that she had for the Met Gala.

Her hairstyle is very, very easy to do.

The thing to remember is to section in off when styling it.

Since her hair in naturally straight I'm guessing that her stylist either blow dried straight (to tame frizz) or they just let it air dry after washing.

Either way is totally fine. It's basically up to you as to what you want to do.

Before drying though apply a creme or gloss to your hair to aid with styling and taming frizz.

Once hair is dry take clippies and section your hair off. The way I do it to so make small inch wide section across the bottom, back of my scalp and pin up the rest of my hair. As I work my way up towards the front of my scalp I section off inch by inch and pin up the rest.

Taking a small barreled curling iron (1/4") curl sections of your hair (about 1"x1") starting from the ends to the roots, not curling the last 1/2" of your hair. It will weigh down the roots and you won't have that much volume to it. Do not use the clamp. It's bad for your hair because it pulls, not to mention that it can also create an unsightly crease. Eck!

Once your done with each piece
do not touch it! Leave it alone to let it cool down naturally. Really you should just move on to the next piece, and you'll be fine. :)

Once done with the whole thing spray with a light humidity spray all over, to tame frizz, and then you can slightly run your fingers through your hair to break up some of the curls to give it a more natural look and feel.

Suggested products to use:

Before drying while hair is still wet:
Matrix Biolage Styling Curl Defining Elixir
Matrix Sleek Look Blow Down

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Weather Works Weather-Proofing Style Sealant Creme
Pantene Pro-V Weightless Body Building Gel (Hint: A little gel goes a long way)

After styling:
Aussie's Sydney Smooth 12 Hour Anti-Humidity Spray (This stuff works wonders, and I use it everyday in the summertime! No joke. I like it best because it has a flexible hold so your hair will still have it's natural movement.)

Tips for the day after:
If you want to wear the style the next day here's some tricks to help you do that.

- Sleep with your hair off your pillow, but not pinned up.
- Spray some water on it, just enough to dampen it, not saturate it.
- Take a diffuser attachment and put it on your hair dryer. Dry your hair with the diffuser on the lowest heat setting and the lowest fan/blow setting.
- Use some
John Frieda Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Creme on your hair once done.
- Spray again with Aussie's Sydney Smooth, and you now have a curly style that will last you for a couple of days!

Cheerio gals!

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