Friday, 27 January 2012

Harry Crowder Photo Shoot




Back in December 2011, Emma took part in a photo shoot for Harry Crowder, a London based fashion and portrait photographer. Follow him on Twitter here. To view some of his work and a biography visit his official website. Here are the rest of the photos recently revealed of his shoot with Emma, including one which made it onto the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.









All of Harry’s portraits have a very British feel about them and he always seems to bring out the best of whomever he is photographing. Even the outfits that he has put Emma in, they fit her sense of style perfectly. The minimal makeup also represents Emma’s style brilliantly.










In these pictures below of Emma in a bathtub, she is dressed in a Peter Pan collar style top, black leggings and black pumps. Classic Emma. She has always said her style is very low maintenance and that she is always comfortable in plain black leggings and pumps.










Mr Crowder is not only about British photography and portraits, he has also been on a number of travels where he has taken beautiful and eye opening photographs of inspiring places and people. His website and photographs are definitely worth a look!

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