Monday, 30 January 2012



Yes it is that time of year again that people want to forget the horrid weather and focus on something warmer…summer. For music lovers summer is a time spent at some of the most popular and major music festivals. Glastonbury, Coachella and Oxegen to name a few. As you all know Emma attended the Glastonbury music festival last year accompanied by her then love interest, George Craig, lead singer of the York based band One Night Only. Photographers, magazines and radio seemed to relish the two being seen together, as the masses of photographs show us.

The pair first met on the Burberry Spring/Summer 2010 campaign and have been presumed friends ever since. When they arrived at Glastonbury together and spent two days of the festival in each others pockets, it was only natural to assume a romantic nature to the relationship. Rumours, however, were sort of put to rest when Edith Bowman, a BBC Radio 1 presenter asked the pair in an interview if they were in fact an item. Similar questions were asked by interviewers after the festival and all got the same answer; they were not officially in a relationship as it would be too difficult to keep up a steady relationship with the two travelling constantly and being so far apart, therefore they decided to be friends. Emma also starred alongside George and the rest of One Night Only in the band’s video debut of their latest, self titled album, One Night Only.

Now the raison d'être of this post. New pictures have come to light from the festival. They include Emma with George and Emma with another woman who was with her and George at the festival (if anyone can name her feel free to leave a comment, a name would be much appreciated).


[For pictures of Emma at Glastonbury and of her Spring/Summer campaign with Burberry visit my Facebook fan page Emma Watson 411, a link for which is in the navigational box.]

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