Wednesday, 26 May 2010

National Movie Awards 2010

Before I start talking about the outfit I'm going to gush a little. You can skim past this if you want. I, like most guys & girls born in 1990/91 grew up with the Harry Potter series. I was just about to embark upon my first year at secondary school when the first instalment appeared on screens, the second came out when I was in my second year and so on. So in this sense I feel like I've grown up along with the cast, Harry, Ron and of course Hermione. I read the books and fell in love with them at first read. There was just something so (forgive the pun) spellbinding about the whole world J.K. Rowling created. It has created such a legacy that will be hard to beat. Obviously it has some competition with the Twilight Series, which I am also a huge fan of. However, this series has spanned for over a decade. It is just amazing, and a little overwhelming to think that it was around this time ten years ago that the films got started. It's also pretty scary to think I was ten. Basically Harry Potter has such an emotional hold over me and they are some of my favourite movies of all time. November 2012 will be an incredibly sad month. I have no idea what I will do. Between this and the fact that the Twilight series will also be coming to a close it will be a dark time for the movie industry. I feel like any words I say will not be enough, or will not convey my feelings in the proper way. I can't even begin to imagine how the cast feel about this. If I, a mere fan, feel like in November 2012 will be losing a limb, how do Emma, Rupert & Daniel feel? Anyway. Enough gushing. There will be plenty of that to come! Now on to the outfit!

I love this outfit! When I first saw it I thought, Chanel. And I was close. This is a Karl Lagerfeld Spring 2010 Dress. I loved the shape and the classic Chanel-esque black and white. It also wasn't too serious. There's definitely a playful edge to this. It was very Emma.

I love, love, loved these shoes! From the bows, to the sandal body, to the ankle height to the classic Louboutin red sole. They are the Louboutin Miss Butterfly Sandals

As for accessories she's wearing a Chanel Cometes Diamond Ring

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