Saturday, 15 May 2010

Emma in Vanity Fair

Patrick Demarchelier has to be one of my favourite people in the world. He recently directed the photo shoot with "Young Hollywood" including Kristen Stewart and I thought his styling & direction was exquisite. Yet again he has struck gold, first by choosing Emma to do a shoot with and with the style. There is not one piece in this shoot which I would throw out or say anything bad against.

Here Emma wears Chanel Spring 2010 RTW Beige Voile Dress with a Chanel Necklace from the same collection

This is my favourite outfit. It looks so cute, comfortable and girly. It's a Nina Ricci Spring 2010 Blush Ruffle Top & Hotpants. In this shot she's also wearing two rings; on her middle finger a Fred Leighton ring and on the other is a Doyle & Doyle ring which I have a default picture for.

The next outfit is a brief one as it is only the jacket pictured. It is a Valentino Embellished Jacket

The bra featured here is an Eres Tuileries Theme Bra in the shade Origan

Finally, the last outfit is also brief in the actual magazine, but behind the scenes show she is wearing a beautiful dress. This is a Phillip Treacy Spring 2010 Hat.

Lanvin Spring 2010 RTW Draped Grecian Dress

When I find some HQ photos of her in this shoot, or when I buy the magazine for myself, I will do a makeup tutorial. Watch this space.


  1. she looks absolutely stunning,
    although she always does anyway!
    the first picture is just wow!

  2. The first look is more her, its a comfortable style for her. I love the second outfit but it isn't really her if you get me, shes not really that kind of girl same with the valentino jacket. Although the jacket is fab shes not a stand in her undies gal i appreciate that because so many people sell their bodies to futher their careers and she doesn't need to. She's the 'classy' girl. Love the head piece, i adore making them!

    love ya as uaual Maria



  3. She looked gorgeous in the Lanvin dress. I saw the behind the scenes vid, and then the spread, and even though it's a great shot of the lovely hat, I wish we could've seen the dress too! Love that you put in a screen shot so we could see it. Her frame really accentuates the dress.

    <3's ~Maroon

  4. OMG! I LOVE THIS BLOG! Emma is one of my fav. rolemodels. I Love her style! Thanks for doing this blog! Please check out my blog too: