Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Out and About

Emma's red carpet style has been hailed as eclectic, classic, young, fresh and generally wonderful. Her not-so-red-carpet style is equally among other things, reassuring to us non-multi millionaires. The clothes she is spotted in when she's just being Emma are the same as what you and I would wear: jeans, t shirt and boots, trainers or pumps. It's awesome!

Here is Emma out in New York with her boyfriend Will Adamowicz, just before she went back to University at the beginning of this year. This only item of clothing I've been able to identity are her boots which are Rag & Bone Moto Boots (a favourite brand of hers at the minute), and her trusty Ray Bans. When I'm able to ID more of her clothes I'll update the post so watch this space.

This look is incredibly simple to replicate, despite the lack of information on what she's actually wearing.

Credits go to: EmmaWatsonDaily.org and Coolspotters

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